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Jakimovski US trip!

Dear friend,
With great joy and honor we want to share about the birth of our fourth child Anastasia. We are immensely thankful for your prayers and for God’s gift in our lives. We are sharing more pictures of our baby girl in our news letter.
Also as we are getting closer to our trip in USA this August we are more and more excited. It has been three and a half years since our last visit and we still carry wonderful moments from our time spent there. We will be in California from August 5th-20th and in Ohio fro August 20th till September 29th.
With this trip we like to accomplish few goals: 
First: In the last three years God was doing some amazing things in our ministry and what is even more interesting is that the ministry in Macedonia was taking steps of faith to reach the neighboring country with the gospel. Also in the last two years we as a family are involved in the planting of a church in our neighborhood together with another family who is serving with International Mission Board IMB. This are just some of the things that we want to personally share with you.
Second: Building our friendship with you is very important for us. In the last three years our family has grown and we really like for you to meet our two daughters Adelina and Anastasia. Luka and Filip are also excited about this trip and they would like to meet you and your family.
Third: We as a family need to continue to work on building our team of ministry partners who support us by praying and giving. We want to give others the privilege of investing in our ministry and experiencing the blessing that comes from praying and giving toward fulfillment of the Great Commission! Please have this needs in your prayers!
We look forward to see you,In Christ,Jakimovski family.

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