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My New Life in Christ

Dear friend,

We hope and pray that you have a good start of the year 2022. We pray that your goals for this year will be blessed by God and will be accomplished in His perfect timing.

We are doing good, this winter we still didn’t get much snow in the city but there is lots of snow on the mountains, so we hope to go next weekend. The kids are very excited 

The situation here in Eastern Europe is getting tense with the potential war between Russia and Ukraine. Many countries have recommendations to not travel to Ukraine. Please have this situation in your prayers.

This is our new update where you can read more about our work for the Lord and our family and see how you can pray.

This year we have a special event “Celebration for 25 years of Cru in Macedonia” that will happen in July 1st till 3rd.  

On the following link you can learn more about this event.

Please pray for this celebration. It will be a time of remembering, recalling and recording what God has done for us, in us, and through us, in Macedonia.

In Christ 


Boban Jakimovski

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