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Burkey Beacon – July 2019

Dear friend and ministry partner,

I spoke with a young lady at The Hot Spot coffee shop in Johnstown, Ohio. I thought her t-shirt hit the nail on the head by saying, “Love God, Love Others, Have Fun”.  We hope your summer has been characterized by those three things.

We are doing well. Amy and I moved to Ohio two weeks ago and are still settling into our permanent housing with my parents on Hardscrabble Rd. in Alexandria, Ohio. We are excited to be able to live at my parent’s beautiful home and be able to help them out keeping the place. Along with a new place to live, we have a new role that you can learn more about in our prayer letter. It is on a team with Cru called the Coaching Center. We’ll be on a team helping people launch and grow college, high school and middle school movements all around the USA. So we’ll be coaching and resourcing students and volunteers who want to start or grow movements at their schools or schools near them. Please find our prayer requests at the end of our attached letter.

Thank you so much and let us know how to pray for you!

Adam L Burkey

The Coaching Center

Launching Specialist

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