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Getting to the work the Lords given us – Burkeys

Dear friend,

We are having a long looked forward to Christmas season with family and snow and fires to keep warm by. As I write this our daughter Lauren has one exam left to finish her first semester away at Asbury University. It is nice for Amy and me to be home in Ohio, and our kids are adjusting well enough to it.
The 4th week of advent many focus on Love. I’ve been challenged this season thinking of how Jesus loved us while we were still sinners and against Him. I pathetically accept that too easy, yet I am very challenged when God commands me to love others as He loves us. God’s love is not passive or mere sentiment. It is love in action and in deeds, sincerely from the heart. It’s forgiving and doing well for those of whom you’d rather judge, hold a grudge, or avoid. Lets pray for one another this season, by God’s strength to demonstrate God’s love for us by actively loving EVERYONE like God loves us. The apostle John simply exhorts us in 1 John 4:11 “Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.”
For minsitry, we are raising support full time, hoping to finish soon, so we can begin working full-time with out team to launch and coach collegiate and high school student movements across the USA. You can read about our ministry and a chance to help us get to full support in our attached, one page letter.
If you need our current address it is 2428 Hardscrabble Rd, Alexandria, OH 43001.  Come by and see us sometime :)We appreciate you! Merry Christmas!!

Adam & Amy Burkey

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