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Bobi and Gabi October 2020

Dear Ministry partner , 

    We hope and pray that you are doing good and that you are enjoying the beautiful colors of the fall. Usually this time of the year we are very busy with the start of the school year and the ministry among students, and that is one of the reasons why we are little late with our update.

    For our fall update we decided to put together a 10 minute video where you can see our family, hear little about us and our kids and about our new project for the freshman. We have also included a Vision sharing video for our neighborhood with our partners from IMB Jeff and Amy Williams. At the end we have a very sweet video of our nephew Mladen saying “Thank you” for praying for him.  Here is the short story about great miracle that God has done in Mladen life. Mladen is our nephew from Gabi brother, his name is also Bobi like me! Bobi, his wife and two kids, Valeria 12 and Mladen 9 live in Czech Republic. On September first Mladen fall from his bike and had a major liver injury. He had internal bleeding and the next 4 days the doctors were doing their best to save his life. He had 3 surgical procedures and after each the doctors would say that  it is  uncertain if he would live. But God in His sovereign will showed his power and saved Mladen life. Many brothers and sisters were praying for him and we believe that God was merciful to this family and he saved Mladen life to be a witness for HIM.

 We give praise and glory to God for all this things and we are beyond words grateful to have you included in everything that is happening in our lives and ministry! Thank you for your love, prayers and support!

Please contact John Green for the video.

Boban JakimovskiNational SLM Leadere-mail: bobi_dobrevo@yahoo.comSkopje R. Macedonia
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