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Burkey’s February

Dear friend,

The Lord has really been connecting us with students and teachers who want to be a part of starting spiritual communities and we are excited to start.

Please take a look at our letter and pray with us that the Lord would work in students and volunteers’ lives and Amy and I would offer good input as coaches to encourage them.

Thank you very much for reading our attached letter and praying!

PS Our national, annual, winter conference for students is happening online, Friday 8-11PM & Saturday 2-10PM. We have over 3500 coming. Anyone can still register and join in. People who register get mailed a free box of Cru swag. If you think any of your friends/kids/self want to participate online with the worship, Bible messages, seminars, interaction, etc. Feel free to find info and register them/you at: If you are busy this weekend, content will be available through the end of February for those who register. 

Adam L Burkey

The Coaching Center

Launching Specialist

740-803-8557 cell

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