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Burkeys March 2021

Dear friend,

I hope you are enjoying the warmth of approaching Spring weather. We enjoyed the month of snow but are happy to move on until next year. 

Amidst Covid and the northern freeze of February, we still are seeing God move on 3 startups Amy and I are involved with.

Please check out the details in our letter. By the way, our first virtual winter conference was an unexpected success, going surprisingly well!! Praise God!! Thanks for your prayers.

Last thing: if you are slated to get a stimulus check or tax return and you don’t really need it, the Macedonian Church project that we have been championing would be a great place to invest it in eternal things.This church and pastor family will serve a whole unchurched area and Lord willing, become a headquarters for training young people to plant more churches. If we had about 15 people give about $1500 each, we’d finish it off and the pastor could move his family in and the church building would be able to open by May 1st. You can click the following blue weblink today and make a huge difference! weblink to Help reach a nation with the Gospel!

Much love from us,

Adam L Burkey

The Coaching Center

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